Barbara Wallace


This is my mother - Barbara Wallace. Born February 25, 1944 in Newport News, Virginia, where her father was building ships for the Navy’s war effort. A mother. A spouse. A teacher. A banker. An advocate for women and local businesses. For me, above all else, she is a beacon of courage, grit, and optimism. Her relentless pursuit of personal evolution is an inspiration to me. She has traveled the caregiver’s difficult path. Her father Joe had Alzheimer’s and passed-over 16 years ago. Her mother Bebe passed away a few years ago with vascular dementia. And now my mother is traveling the same path as her parents before her. She carries the APOE4 genetic marker which increases the likelihood she will also have Alzheimers by 3-12 times. Eyes open and head up she is facing what could be her end. Not quietly. Not discreetly. But sharing her journey publicly and courageously trying to bring compassion and understanding to these diseases that affect so many.

Beginning at the End:
Portraits of Dementia by Joe Wallace

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