Patrick Brien


Patrick Brien was always a hard worker. Born March 22, 1929 in Gloucester, MA, he joined the Merchant Marines by way of the Army Corps when he was just sixteen. Four years later, after seeing many far-away countries, he returned home and married Barbara Mellow at age 20. Patrick worked as a longshoreman and eventually became known around Gloucester as the #1 Lumper until he retired at age 70. 


Patrick was diagnosed with early signs of dementia 10 years ago. His wife of 67 years, Barbara, passed away in 2016 and now Bonnie, one of his four children, is his day-to-day caregiver. Patrick also visits the wonderful and caring Day By Day Adult Care Center in Gloucester. There he can socialize, get stimulation and care – and Bonnie gets some much-needed time to work or energize.

Beginning at the End:
Portraits of Dementia by Joe Wallace

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