Narciso Baez

Narciso Baez was born in Canafistol, Bani, the beautiful "Capital of the Mango" in the Dominican Republic on April 18th, 1945. Being the youngest of a large and tight-knit family. A natural leader, Narciso has dedicated his life to his family and his community, whether through managing family businesses or heading community efforts to improve the conditions in his town. Although he was known for his inexhaustible energy, his intellectual curiosity (for politics and sport), and for his gift of public speaking, which turned words into art, nothing compares with Narciso's large heart and concern for his fellow man. Married for nearly 40 years, he lives in Boston with his wife Hilda, with whom he has three children and three grandchildren, all the fruits of his support, love and sacrifice. A true Dominican, Narciso loves baseball, dominos, casave and seafood.

Beginning at the End:
Portraits of Dementia by Joe Wallace

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